Desert Trooper
Variant Of:

ARF trooper[1]


Camouflaged variant[1]


Desert troopers were camouflaged variants of Advanced Recon Force troopers. They were part of the 212th Attack Battalion[2] and were deployed to sandy and hot desert worlds, such as Geonosis.[1]


Desert troopers were simply variants of ARF troopers. They had the same equipment, but had the Geonosis camouflage paint scheme to blend in with their surroundings. They were sent to desert worlds where their armor would help conceal them. They were deployed in LAAT/i gunships.[1]


Desert troopers, as the name implied, were marked with desert camouflage on their Phase I ARF trooper armor. The camo was the standard Geonosis paint scheme, consisting of several shades of brown. They were also marked by a yellow stripe, which ran down their right shoulder plate.[1] Their armor was allowed to be customized.[3]


Desert troopers were equipped with various blasters. These included DC-15S blaster carbines and DC-15A blaster rifles. They also carried Republic backpacks to hold other gear. Some desert troopers had syringes, which they used to inject medicine for injured troopers. They also manned E-web blaster turrets for heavy rapid fire against large enemy units.[1]

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