Domino Squad
Domino Squad-CC
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Domino Squad was a clone cadet training squad that was struggling to pass their final exams on the planet of Kamino. Trained by the bounty hunter, Bric, Domino Squad had problems working together due to their different tactics during training.



In 21 BBY, the members of Domino Squad were trying to pass their final exam. They ended up failing due to their lack of cooperation. They were given another chance to retake the test, in which the passed, even though their trainer took away their ascension cables.

Rishi Moon StationEdit

After graduating, Domino Squad were sent to the Rishi Moon Station under the command of Sergeant O'Niner. Commando droids attacked the station and Droidbait was killed when the droids opened the door. Cutup was killed later when a Rishi Eel killed him. Hevy died sacrificing himself by manually detonating bombs and destroyed the station. Echo died later in a shuttle explosion on Lola Sayu. Fives was the last member of Domino Squad that died while he was investigating the inhibitor chip that was placed in every clone's brain.